Hear From an Expert

Taking an opioid prescription pain medicine carries much more responsibility than a person may realize.

Not only is it important to work closely with doctors and pharmacists to discuss treatment and any concerns, but there is also a responsibility to keep medicines safe in the home and educate others about the dangers of abusing or sharing prescription medicine.

The videos below feature leading experts in the pain community who offer insights into the responsibilities specifically related to prescription pain medicines.


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Featured Speakers

Perry G. Fine, M.D.
Professor, Department of Anesthesiology
University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT

Douglas Gourlay, M.D., FRCPC, FASAM
Director, Pain and Chemical Dependency, Wasser Pain Management Centre
Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Howard A. Heit, M.D., FACP, FASAM
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, DC

B. Todd Sitzman, M.D.
Medical Director of Advanced Pain Therapy
Forrest General Cancer Center, Hattiesburg, MS